Materials We Work With

GRANITE –  Its quartz composition give Granite the crystalized look and is found in all colors, from solid to variegated.

MARBLE – Known for its veiny patterns and versatility in color make Marble one of the most sought out stone materials.

LIMESTONE – Formed at the bottom of oceans Limestone is distinguished by its fossils and granular look.

TRAVERTINE –  The visibly porousness is a telltale characteristic and is found in earthy tones ranging from white to red, even golds and silvers. It’s organic look stands out

SOAPSTONE – As a subdued and soft look Soapstone brings about an elegant and minimal look. Its natural matte luster can be enhanced with mineral oil to give it a polished look.

QUARTZITE – With a wide range in luster from luminescent to opaque, color and veining patterns Quartzite is distinctive. Harder than granite this material is durable when it comes to cracks or chips.

ENGINEERED QUARTZ – Man made from silicone Engineered Quartz comes in all colors and patterns without the maintenance of natural stone.

PORCELAIN – The realistic graphics of Porcelain slabs are changing the industry. Not to mention the installation and maintenance advantages.